Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday the 13th

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. What could make the crazy day, during testing week, the day after a sub better? You are right! A FLASH Sale in both my TpT and TN stores!


I woke up this morning and was puking my guts up! What a way to start the day, so I had to call my principal, bawling the whole time to tell him I wasn’t coming in today. I don’t call in sick often so he was a little bit shocked!

So today between sleeping and sleeping, I did a little blog hopping.Saw a lot of things to do with “The Rainbow Fish”. I can’t wait to do my ocean unit! I made a CVCe game to go with it!


Then I had to so some laminating. I USED to have two laminators, one at home and one at school. Then my dear friend Alexandria (or Lex as the kiddos call her)

photo(3)decided she needed to munch on the cord. So I had to cart all of my lamination home to work on. Has anyone tried the new Scotch laminator? I saw it at Wal-mart and now I have a reason to try it out! I will let you know what I think Smile

Next week we are reading “The Little Engine that Could” so I made this little response sheet.(Sorry you have to go to TpT to download) Slide1