Friday, July 13, 2012

Fun week and Exciting Announcment!

Boy have I had a fun and busy week! I think that my husband and I were born into the wrong families. He is big into hunting and fishing, which my family is big into. His grandma and mom are BIG into crafts. Hello?! I LOVE crafting!

While they were down here, we did some MAJOR crafting. His grandma made me ALL NEW PILLOWS for my bathtub. I am so excited! I still had monkey pillows from my 1st year. So cute now!


Then she took my Toms, that had holes in the toes and covered them in Wardog Blue material. I am going to put white paw prints on the toes, so I can wear them on Fridays!


I’m sure you have seen these cutie-patooties on Pinterest. I just HAD to have one for my front door. I finally finished it up this weekend. Hubby was actually impressed. However; Im not sure if he was impressed because it was cute or because I took down the Easter Bunny!


Then I made another Teacher’s Toolbox. I made my first one when I was going to do primary colors in my room, but now that I’m doing bright colors I made a new one and donated my primary one to one of my 1st grade teachers.


What week of crafting doesn’t involve a couple of trips to Hobby Lobby, so of course we had to go Winking smile. On our way we stopped at the 3 corners of OK, MO, and KS. Had to have a photo op!


I was in MO, Sister was in OK and GMa was in KS. Sister was so tickled. We went to a Hibachi Steak House. So. Yummy.IMG_1793-001

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a little sister. Now I have one and we have the necklace to prove it!


“Forever Sisters”

Today when they left Hub and I went to go start moving furniture into my classroom,.. SOoo excited! Ignore the mess and look at all I have accomplished so far!


Then we had to cool off at my parents pool! Atlas is my big 100lb lab, isn’t he a cutie.


Now for the big announcement!


Jennifer and I are SOO excited to announce there is going to be an Okie Meetup!! If you are an Okie Blogger, or Blog reader come meet us! We are looking forward to this!

P.S. It is right by Lakeshore Smile What better of an excuse to go with out anyone looking over your shoulder!

P.S.S. Please send an RSVP to me or Jennifer!

Sorry it is so picture heavy, but I have a lot of things to share! Have a good night!