Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where I teach Wednesday

Today at BlogHoppin it is Where I Live Teach Wednesday!

I know I have shown some pictures of my classroom. But since I still haven’t taken pictures yet, I will reshow them!

IMG_1816 Our Carpet Area
IMG_1933 Our Free choice centers
IMG_1934 Our tables, Notice the three different heights. The far one, the kiddos sit on the floor, middle in chairs, closest one they have ball chairs.
IMG_1935 This is my writing center, which is bumped up against my library center.
IMG_1936  The other side of my library is my beloved bathtub! For those checking out my blog today. This bathtub was in my mommies classroom from way back when.
A little blast from the past, my first day of kindergarten in my bathtub!

Well I went to school today, and took my pictures... Finally!!
 My entire library area.
 This area is my pocket chart area, with stuff in it :) You can see one of my ball chairs and my overhead center are living in there for the moment.
 Here is the divider between my carpet area and my tables. The purple and green tubs hold school supplies and the blue and pink have math manips in them.
 Then my home base. My computer, with my bookscase that holds all my computer games, and Scholastics Books on Video. My other bookcase holds ALL of my Mailbox and Scholastic teacher books. You can also see Ms. Lexi the hamster and my "Keep Calk and Teach On" quote. 

Please remember, It isn't messy, we are busy LEARNING!

See ya tomorrow for Therapeutic Thursdays!