Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apples Apples Apples

Alright Friends. This week is my FAVORITE week of the year! I thought I would show you some of the activities we are doing this week. 

My kids are really big into card games this year. So I made these two card games. There is “I have Who Has” with ABCs for my kids who are still working on their Alphabet.


Then I also made a Crunch! game with sight words for my higher kids.


We are still getting into out centers. So I have Two Math, Two ELA, Overhead Center, Library, Writing, Puzzles, Write the Room, Pocket Chart, Journaling and iPad centers.

Our two Math Centers are still focusing on K.CC.3  K.CC.4 and K.CC.5

Our first one is called “Apple Seed Counter”. The students count the seeds and record them on the response sheet.


The second math game is “Apples Apples Apples”. The students match the number to the ten frame and record it on the frame on the response sheet.


Our ELA centers, the first is called “Apple Pie Letters” The students match the upper case to the lower case. Then record on response sheet.


The second is “Bushels of Sounds” The students have to identify the beginning sounds and record on response sheet.


All of these ELA and Math centers can be found in my All About Apples Unit {Centers and Activities}.

Our write the room center, we are looking for words that have the letter “A”.  We use these cuties. The kids use the “Magnifying Glass” to look and then list on the response sheet. This is in my Write the Room Bundle.


Another one of our centers is Journal. We use Maggie’s Journal Prompts. I read them every morning and they independently respond to them in their journals.

Math Journal Cover lg

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I will be back tomorrow with a couple of my Anchor Charts!

Have a Good Monday!