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I am linking up with Christiana Bainbridge to do a post about 2012’s Blog Best and Brightest.
I would have to say the best thing I have done this year is start a blog. I have been selling on TpT for almost a year, but I started really into this blogging world during the OK Kinder Conference. This is the link to see me and Jack Hartmann!
I really focused this year on Sight Words, I found that was one of my weaknesses. So it doesn’t surprise me that two of my favorite purchased items are both about sight words.
One of my favorite purchased items would be from my new friend Kinder-CRAZE
and then the one item I have purchased which have saved my LIFE is from Differentiated Kindergarten.
Then my favorite blogging friends:
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I just love these ladies! They have some AMAZING ideas.
I just found that “Pretty Woman” is on. It is my favorite movie of all time, so I have a movie to watch :) So I will talk to you guys later!

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