Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Have/Who Has with Freebielicious

Well hello there!! I am LOVING this Back to School, I have/ Who has game!!

If you came from Apples and ABCs page you are SO CORRECT!!!

Presentation1i have

I am an Oklahoma Teacher.  I was born and raised here. Went to school in Kansas, and then came home.


I also am a proud Police Wife. My husband, or Officer Hofficer as he is commonly referred to as is a Police Officer in our little town, and I could not be more proud. (except when he is acting life a goofball!) My kiddos love him, and are always wanting to see him.
 2013-11-01 13.32.47

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I have the perfect solution (or so I think) for those blank word walls at the beginning of the year.
picture it
This is a set of Vocabulary cards. I use them in two ways. The first way I use them is in my writing center.  (You can read more about that here)
 2014-08-03 21.00.51-2[4]
The second way I use them is on my word wall. (Again more about that here)
 2015-01-04 12.03.58_thumb[1] (2)
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This and the rest of my TpT Store are on SALE this Monday and Tuesday, 20% off and an ADDITIONAL 10% off with code BTS15
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So now that you have figured out MY clue. Here is the next clue along the I have/ Who has game. Make sure to guess which Freebielicious author this clue is about. Then click the picture to see if you are right!! But NO cheating Winking smile