Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PreK School Supply List

prek school supply
It is Sweet Summer Time! Although I am still trying to close up my classroom, I am also beginning to think about next school year! If you will look at that image, I have a little news for my followers. I am moving to PreK! (Pending Board Approval in two weeks!) I am pretty excited about the move, but it really shouldn’t have any affect on my blog.

So back to the business. As I was preparing for the big move to PreK, I needed to prep a school supply list. So I did what any teacher would do, and I googled it! So here is my, in a perfect world, school supply list for PreK! I do have affiliate links to Amazon in my post, these help fund my classroom supplies.

The Basics:
Markers: I will fully admit that I am a school supply snob, and I will only use Crayola! I prefer the 10 count, classic colors box.
Crayons:  I have asked for two different types of crayons (Again Crayola.) The jumbo sized and then 3 packs of the regular 24 pack size.

Glue Sticks: I prefer glue sticks. I have heard about the glue sponges, and how great they are, But this teacher prefers the glue stick. Eight of them to be exact (and yes I fully expect that I will have to buy some in December!)
Pencil Box/Pouch: For the last few years I have used pencil boxes. I have waited until the school supplies go on sale and scoop them up when they are a quarter. But this year I am changing things up! I can’t tell you how many boxes broke this past year. We do flexible seating in my classroom, so boxes are spread across the room So This year I am going to the zipper bags, so if I step on them they wont break quire as easily.
Nap Mats: We have always napped for about 15 minutes until October in Kindergarten. But PreK is a new breed. So I have asked for a Kindermat and a blanket for the kids to sleep on.
Art Supplies: I have aso asked for a couple of art supplies to suplement our Art Class at our school.

Odds and Ends: There are also a couple of supplies that are no fun but every classroom needs, Such as ziplocs (both gallon and quart), germ-x and kleenex!
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These are all the tings I have asked parents for on the school supply list. But I do have a couple of items that I do ask for on a giving tree. You can see those on this blog post!
must have supplies

This post does contain affiliate links to Amazon. However, there is nothing in here that I would not purchase myself for my classroom. I hope you can find something that you need for your room.