Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Long Time no See

Hi friends! I am BACK! I KNOW you missed me! :) No for real, I waited to post until I was home and hubs was home. He won’t let me say when we are Out of Town. We left home on Wednesday and I got home Sunday, and I went and got hubs last night. I drove over 24 hours this Thanksgiving break and I am beat!
Look who missed me! He couldn’t get more than 3 inches away from me.
But back to what is going on in Kindergarten! Slide4
I tried to do laundry at school and I washed a pillow and it exploded in the washer! Oops!
A little anchor chart. Please don’t judge me by my pictures. Those are peppermints and Christmas lights. My kids thought I was fabulous! Have you heard of Koo Koo Kangaroo? If not stop what you are doing and go YouTube them! My kids LOVE their song “The Dinosaur Stomp” We were dancing today after math and my principal came in and started “stomping” with us! SO much fun!
And I have one rule. You DO not start decorating for Christmas until after my Birthday. But we are going to a play tomorrow and I think a little “Santa Fear” will be a good helper :)
Introducing Elfy. Last year she was a boy elf, this year a girl, so she doesn’t have a name. If you leave me ideas, the best “namer” will win a copy of my game…
find the elf
I will wait until tomorrow to name her.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cyyybbbber Monday!!

Wahoo! There is going to be a Cyber Monday Sale and a bonus Tuesday!
I am SO excited! But before I get into all that exciting stuff I wanted to tell you about my friend Jennifer. We were talking about how THANKFUL we are to all of our followers! We teamed up to give away ……$50 worth of TeachersPayTeachers MULAH! Perfect for the upcoming Sale! All you have to do is be a follower of both our store AND blog. Giveaway ends Saturday at midnight! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
giveaway thanks 2
Since I have been working behind the scenes I thought I would show you a couple of items I have been working on. Here are two of my very first units that I completely redid! A Polar Bear and Penguin Unit.

This unit has 4 centers, 3 games and 2 Interactive Anchor Charts. On sale for $5.40 That is AWESOME!
This is a strictly ELA unit with 2 Centers, a game and 2 Interactive Anchor Charts. On Sale for $4.32. What a DEAL!
I don’t know about you but my kids LOVE these games. You place the sight words in a pocket chart and hide two pictures behind them. The students have to read the sight word to find the hidden item. These are on sale for $2.16 WOWZA!
find the candy cane
find the ginger
find the toys
I am linking up with the 3am Teacher and a TON of other bloggers!

So click who is next on link and start to filling up those carts!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Schedulin’

Please don’t tell me if you don’t have school this week. We go Monday and Tuesday. Tomorrow we are going to make baby pumpkin pies :) Tuesday we are making our cute hats to wear on Thanksgiving. This weekend I got to hang with some coworkers! We started Friday after school and watched Twilight and New Moon. Then Saturday we started at 10 and watched Eclipse and Breaking Dawn pt 1. Then we went and watched Part 2. Oh My LANTA….I won’t lie, I cried…multiple times :)

So anywho, I am just dropping in to show you what I have been up to this weekend! If you buy one of these, email me you username that you bought them under and you can get one free until Tuesday night.

find the candy canefind the gingerfind the goldfind the toysfind the turkeyFind the Fishy


Click to Go Check them Out!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thinkless Thursday

My brain is kinds mush, as I am sure everyone’s is. All we can see is Thanksgiving break. So with that here is what went on in my school this week.


On Monday we had the Patriot Guard come and talk to our kids. That was super cool. I was really afraid of how in depth the speak would go. But he referred to US’ enemies as “bullies” such an easy relation for the little minds.


This week during small groups, I was working with my kiddos and started with the C/K rules. Snap they got it, then we worked on sh, ch, th and wh. Snap they got it! Mrs. Hoffer got a little teared up.


Today was a B-E-A-utiful day here in Oklahoma. So instead of keeping our kids cooped up inside, we brought our centers outside! They had a BLAST!


And a peek at what centers we have been doing the past week.

nov 11

Hope you have a GREAT Friday!!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

What?! A Saturday

This is going to blow your mind! I am posting about what centers we are doing….on a SATURDAY!

We are working on a couple of Veterans Day activities for Monday, but then we are back to Thanksgiving on Tuesday-Friday.

We are using the centers from my I am Thankful Unit!





Cornucopia of Numbers Number Identification 11-20

K.CC.3, K.CC.5

Students look at the number. Students count the ten frames. Then they color the cornucopia the matching color and write the number in the circle.


Turkey Words CVC Words


Students look at the picture. Students stretch the word. Then they color the matching color and write the letters in the boxes.


Dessert Ending Sounds


Students look at the picture. Students Identify the ending sounds. Then they color the matching color and write the letter in the circle.

Forgive my non-laminated OR cut center!


Comparing Numbers


The student color the picture that has the most. Then they write the number in the circle.


Here is what I did last night! (please ignore the mess!) I rearranged at like 10pm. Our SPED teacher gave me her carpet so I could take the duck tape off mine. Now I have room if I get more kids. I am up to 24.

And I found this cutie today. Don’t know what I am going to use it for, but I can TOTALLY see my kids loving it!



Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lesson Plan Sunday

Doesn’t everyone sit and do lesson plans all day on Sunday? Oh I guess I am the only one :) I cheated on my laminator, and went and got my old one from school.Slide1

My new Scotch just isn’t cutting it. About do drive this girl up the wall.

Aren’t those turkeys cute! They are from my newest Turkey Unit. It has 4 centers. 2 Math and 2 ELA.

turkey center

{Click the Pictures to go to my TpT Store}


The first center is working on tally marks. When my kids do tally marks, I hear a cute little chorus of “1234 Number 5 shuts the door” Too. Cute.


Then we are going to work on CVC words. This is still a new concept so one of our aids will do this center with the kids.


Then we are starting on ending sounds too. My kids are grouped with like leveled friends, so my lower one, I will sit with and help do this one as well.


Then identifying teen numbers, and filling in a ten frame.

I have my 1st evaluation tomorrow. I am going to have my kiddos vote for a type of candy. And using tally marks and a t-chart we are going to find out what our favorite kind is. I will post it tonight when I get it up and going.

Hope you have a GREAT week. I gotta get off and work on evaluation stuff.