Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I love Halloween, but on the other hand, I HATE Halloween! This is my second year to do my fun Halloween story. As you all know, Hubs is a Police Officer, well last night he was at our carnival, and one of his coworkers came to eat with us.

Well I told me kids that while he was there, we heard them call an emergency to Walmart. There was a WITCH! She was going up and down the aisles and replacing all the bagged food with witchy poo ingredients. Her mission was to make all of our town sick!

Well Mrs. Hoffer to the rescue! I snuck behind her and snatched up the naughty food!


We had “maggots” “warts'” shrunken animals” “dried goldfish” “eye of newt” “Blood vessels” “ghost poop” “Fingernail clipppings” “snakes” “fish” and “worms”

As we mixed we learned, that if we are quiet, the potion will work and the kids will become smart, if not it will be yucky and make them sick!


Well thankfully the kids were quiet, and repeated “Witchy Poo what is in your brew” and “hocus pocus now lets focus” just right and were SUPER quiet, because it was DELISH! (So they tell me, Mrs. Hoffer just munched on those blood vessels)

What fun we had! Mrs. Hoffer dressed up as a Oklahoma State Football player, here I am with one of my kindercuties!


Do you see a theme? We might be BIG fans of Brandon Weeden! (Or 3 is my number and he just happened to be the quarterback!)  This darling is my right hand gal! We were instantly bonded when we wore matching shirts on the 5th day of school! (Good Choice Mom and Dad!)

I am exhausted! I am off to work on my Thanksgiving pack! If you missed out on my Halloween packs they are on Sale in my store, get them now in preparation for next year!

Happy Haunting tonight!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Picture Day

Today was Picture Day. On a Monday morning, Not. Fair! I was up way late last night finishing the book I bought on Saturday. So I was running a little behind this morning.


I was greeted this morning with a chorus of “Mrs. Hoffer, I  LOVE your hair cut!” I had to tell them, I haven’t cut my hair in 7 months, this is what it looks like out of a ponytail. Not two seconds after my picture was taken my hair was back in a Pony. I can’t help it!

Do you see my lovely carpet wall? No look past all the books on the floor, yes THAT carpet wall. It has only taken me 3 years to figure out what to do with it. I slap Velcro on the back of posters and stick them to the wall. On the right of my bookshelf you can see my pocket chart center. Which brings me to what I was planning on talking about tonight.

This is how I organize my centers.


Behind those green rectangles are my kiddos pictures. We move the cards of the centers up. I announce who goes where. We are not able to figure this out independently yet.

Aren’t those cards just the cutest. They are on my friend Deedee Wills’ TPT. It almost works perfectly, I have a red, yellow, green, and blue table. So Math 1 goes to the green table, Math 2 goes to the blue table, Word Work A goes to the yellow table, and Word Word B is the odd man out, they go to the red table. (Yes this drives me nuts! I am trying to figure out a way other than a red sticker)


This is how I organize Math and Word Work tubs. The kids know where they are and they go get them when I call their name.


This is my writing center. That is a TON of Sterlite containers. Please ignore the mess, I took this right after centers, before I picked up. You can see the Stamp container. The big white one holds extra papers, construction paper and lined paper. The little shoe box hold our “special” stuff, our hole punches, fancy scissors and stickers. Then green and black one holds smelly markers , colored pencils and daubers.

You can also see the word rings and crayon lost and found.

We are finishing up Bats in our literacy unit. We are reading Bats by Gail Gibbons. We are focusing on Main Idea. Please don’t judge my anchor chart, it is ugly!


Then as we read, we pulled out some vocabulary. I was really impressed, my kiddos knew what nocturnal means, AND related it to their life. “Mrs. Hoffer- Lexi (our class hamster) is nocturnal, she sleeps during class!” Proud Teacher moment!

Slide5Did I mention that art is not my strong suit. Those pictures would be a moon, heat waves and echolocation. I really am not promising they are spelled right either!

Well I am off to bed, I need to catch up on last nights sleep! Have a good Tuesday/Halloween Eve!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why is the Weekend So Short?

This is my Sunday thoughts…every week. Why is the weekend so short? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my kinder kiddos, but there is something about not getting off the couch  and staying in my PJs I LOVE. As per my sunday ritual I have been laminating and printing this morning.

My Hubby took me on a date yesterday morning, we went to all the same places, Michaels, Kohls, Sams :)

You betcha I stocked up!  IMG_2458

Lamination, Cardstock, Scentos, Ink, and a little brain candy. Not sure why I was out of all these things?! ;)

So this morning I was armed with all my goodies and am ready to show you what we are doing this week.


My new Halloween Centers, They are late going up, so I have them marked down to $6 and they are on Sale until tonight for $4.80!


My first set of Centers is Terrifying Tallies- The students have to identify the tally and write on the response sheet.


Then we have Scary CVC words. Students have to Sssstttrreeetch the word out and write down every sound they hear.


Now we have Spooky Sounds, differentiating the beginning sounds, which say /m/ and which don’t.


And our last center this week “Witchy Poo, What is in your Brew?”  Working on the counting and being able to write the number.

I am working on laminating some more things for the week. Some are mine, and some are from my fabulous Blogging friends!


TL and BL: Beginning Sound Pocket Chart and some CVC word work for Small Group. These are from Sarah Shelton’s Halloween Fun Unit.

TR: Is from Donna Glynn’s Puurrrfectly Fast Letters, Gotta Work on some more LNF for DIBELS

BR: This is from Marsha at Differentiated Kindergarten’s Spooky I Spy. My kiddos go GAGA over these bad boys!


Top Left: This is a Write the Room from Nicole @ Rowdy in Room 300’s Fun and Kooky Halloween Stations

The other three are from my Halloween Unit. Favorite Candy Graph, Number BANG! game, and Find the Candy Sight word game.


Top:We are also working on CVC words, that December DIBELS sure scares the snot out of me.  This is from Julie Van Alst. It is her CVC Game board 

Bottom:  This adorb is from my Bloggy BFF Jennifer @ Herding Kats. It is a roll and cover. My kids die for these too! (Click for Link)


Then I found these cuties at Dollar Tree back in September, I am going to have the kiddos roll a die and fill the ten frame up and record it. Marsha has a cute activity to go with these right here!

By the way! This is my 100th Post! I am SO grateful to have all of my bloggy friends and followers! You all make me a better teacher!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Heey Girlfriend (and guys :) ) I am blogging on the go today!! Officer Hofficer is taking me on a mini date day!!

I wanted to post we did have a winner fo my Turkey Unit!! Congrats Rachel!!

Have a great day I will be back later tonight!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Blue and White Day

Well to round  off Red Ribbon week, today was Blue and White day. We all wore our Wardog Blue and said NO to drugs. What a BIG day we had!

We have two, yes TWO guests today. The first being…


Officer Hofficer…Isn’t he handsome :)  He talked about Bike Safety. I was SHOCKED at how many of our kids don’t wear a helmet! He is so good with our kids and of course they think he hung the moon!

Then our second guest were…..Our Cheerleaders and Oggie Doggie. They came to tell us to say NO to drugs!


Mrs. Hoffer HAD to have a picture with Oggie, we have one with me when I was little. Can you see my friend hiding behind me? He didn’t want anything to do with him! Instead he hid behind me and give him high fives!

I am finishing up a unit on turkeys. It is super cute if I do say so myself

turkey center

Leave me a comment guessing how many  pages there is and if you are the closest  you will win a copy!

Hope you have a good Friday Night and Saturday!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Well I am going to do a semi wordless Wednesday Smile
Gotta LOVE read to self :) This little darling was retelling “Old lady who Swallowed a Fly”
This was a group of my higher kids, I looked over at the board and told them “SPELL WORDS!” Then I saw they were sorting by color.
This was from Julie Lee’s Spider Unit,  I traced it with chalk on the white paper…Can you say coolest teacher ever!
These were our questions. They did SUCH a good job on asking questions not telling me things!
And my Can/Have/Are chart!
Yesterday was PJ Day!
Cute huh? I did learn my lesson, DON’T DRESS IN COW PRINT!   I heard “Mrs. Hoffer is a cow”  aaallll day! They were commenting on my pjs, but I felt super fat all day :(
I hope you all have a great Wednesday! We are going to the pumpkin patch today, I will be back with some pics!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

Well today was crazy hair day!


So yes, you are right the kids were a little cray today!

We are also doing bits of Kim Adsit’s readers Workshop. Love it! We did read to self today and knocked our old Stamina of 9.15 out of the park!


Lookie there! 11 minutes and 27 seconds! We were ALL so excited. If it hadn’t of been 5 minutes til lunch, we would of done it again!

Then the most EXCITING thing about today, we got our flyers for the Oklahoma Kindergarten Conference. Look who was in it!


Yuppers! I was quoted!

I have to go wash all this crap out of my hair, the things we do for our Kinders Smile

Have a great day tomorrow!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some Pictures

Here is some of my centers this week. I am LOVING them!

There are 2 Math and 2 ELA centers. The kids do those is addition to Library, Writing, Pocket Chart, Overhead, Puzzles, Listening, and iPad.


Matching Numbers and Ten frames. Numbers 1-10


Identifying numbers 1-10


Identify the missing letter.


Still working on beginning sounds

Then we are doing Bats on Monday and Tuesday. So we will be doing a KWL chart.


Then we are switching over to Spiders on Wednesday and Thursday.


Then on Friday we are going to a Pumpkin Patch, That is what I am most excited about!

All of these are included in my new unit Spiders and Bats! It is on sale until tomorrow morning!


I hope you have a GREAT Week! I hope to be back tomorrow with our games we are playing this week.



Bats, Spider and Halloween OH MY!

Hi friends! I am so sorry, I accidently deleted my blog post from the other day!

I messed up on the giveaway. I said it would be done on Thursday and I closed it on Wednesday. The winners have already been emailed, and the 31 bag will be ordered this week.

Those of you who didn’t get to enter, PLEASE go to my TPT store and download a set of Halloween Freebies as an apology.


Now while it is Sunday, you know I never do anything earlier than I should, so I am still in the process of laminating and printing.  I posted my centers for this week last night. Since it is so late, they are on sale for today!


There are 4 centers, 2 games and 2 Anchor Charts.

bats spiderebats spidere1

I will be back tonight (shh!) with a linky party AND pictures of what I am doing this week.

Have an enjoyable Sunday!