Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Ever

I am linking up with my FAVORITE blogger today! Deedee Wills!

This one is going to be a toughie! Fitness…Yuck!
My goal is to run a 5k! There I said it, and I can’t take it back! I tried to do the C25K. But school kinda got in the way, so I am going to do way better, I promise!
My second resolution is to not drink as much Dr. Pepper! But when this is your class motto:
It is going to be kinda hard Smile
Well I have met one of my resolutions! I went to the Dollar Tree! And boys and girls are we going to be organized!
Every table will get a new trashcan and a little broom!
And before I go (I have a feeling today is going to be a two poster) I will show you a sneek peek of what is going on in my dining room!
Look at how cute it is! See ya later!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Intervention Tubs

Hey guys! I thought it is that time of the year, we know some of our babies need some interventions. So I thought I would resurrect a post that I posted at Time4Kindergarten earlier this year.

I have two tubs, an Math Intervention Tub and a Reading Intervention Tub.  

In each tub I have file folders. The folders are labeled Team 1, Team 2, Team 3 and Team 4. Slide3 

When we have a spare body who can work with kiddos, I will tell them to work with Team 1 (or 2, or 3 or 4)  They will go pull the file for Team 1, and have Larry, Curley, Moe, Bob, Sally and Jane line up at the door.

When they get to their spot to work the helper opens up the folder and this is what they see.

There will be one or two activities and an ABC chart (just in case they need an additional boost)
On the back of the folder there is a place for documentation.

They will just write the date, what activity and which students are present. I try to change out these activities multiple times a month. It depends on how quickly the students master the skills.

I have the set of editable files that you can download.
intervention tub

And yes, you are reading the 4th post in 4 days! (Part of my  New Year's Resolution early!)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Professional Development

Lookie at me! I am posting 3 days in a ROW! What?! No I am not sick! I love me a good Linky Party and some of my favorite bloggers are throwing a week long one!

So today is Professional Growth. I have a confession, (and if you saw my post today on Pre K and K Sharing you might know it too)  I LOVE me some =books! Look at my collection!
I love it when Mailbox has their $50 mystery box!
I have 4 go to books that I read EVERY SUMMER!
Debbie Diller’s Spaces and Places, Making the Most of Small Group and Literacy Work Stations. I always read Donna Whyte’s You Can’t Teach a Class You Can’t Manage.
I own each and every one of these books. I just need to read them! I have read the Daily 5 about 4 times, I just can’t wrap my brain around it with Kinders. Our K-2 teachers are doing a book study on Teaching with Poverty in Mind. We are hoping it gives us some good tips!

Now when it comes to workshop. I love to go to workshops. We just went to one on CCSS and Differentiated Instruction. We will have another in March. These are coming from the State Department of Ed.

Then my favorite thing in the world is going to the OK Kinder Conf. I CAN’T wait to go!!
Shut the front door, Kim Jordano is going to be there! I can’t wait to meet her!! Also my friend Jennifer at Herding Kats tells me she is going to come too!

I have asked Hubs until I am blue in the face, and I think he has finally given in! I SOOOO want to go to National I Teach K!

Well there is my ideas on Professional Growth :) Now go link up with Amanda!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Organization Resolution

Well here is my downfall. Organization. If you know me you know that Organization is where have the most problems in my home and school life. But as I get older and the longer I teach the better I do (Or maybe it is the better I fake it :) )
This is what I have done at school to better organize myself!

Everything is stored by month. This was a HUGE undertaking this summer, but it has saved me SO much TIME!

First my Home Organization.
This is what our Canned Food Storage looks like. This makes me cringe!! So this is my intention, I want it to look like this…

                            Source: via Kaci on Pinterest

While I am working in our Garage we realllllly need todo this with all our Rubbermate Totes.

                           Source: via Kaci on Pinterest

Then We need to do under our sink. We are remodeling our Kitchen so we need to add some extra storage.

Now onto my second home. My classroom.
I already do a pretty good job of monthly organization. I need to do this fantastic idea. Work Smarter Not Harder. In August I need to sit down and make all my Birthday Stuff and put them in my monthly binders.

                      Source: via Kaci on Pinterest

I have a confession to make, I have a border problem! I need to do this as well to help me keep them all together.

I have started this, but I need to do a better job of keeping them up. I LOVE my intervention tubs! We have a very organized system, I just need to keep it up!

                      Source: via Kaci on Pinterest

Now go link up with Hope and tell us what you are doing for your resolutions!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tech Resolutions

I am linking up with the first blogger I followed!
Kathleen at

She is hosting a fun link up, one that will help keep me accountable!
I confess although everyone in my building thinks I am a techno guru. Sometimes when it comes to technology I choose to stick to the basics and do things the old fashioned way.
We have a SmartBoard, 2 iPods, and an iPad in our room. But we have acess to a classroom set of MacBooks and iPads. So I have no excuse to not use technology.
Resolution Number Uno: Use my SmartBoard during Center time. This might be a toughie because my kids use the white space with the “Overhead Projector” I have about 8 of the Lakeshore games and my kids LOVE them! They are always begging to play them more.

Resolution Numero 2: Figure out how to use the iPad cart at the same time!We love the cart, and although I am “in charge” of it, I don’t quite know how to use it as a whole group!
Resolution #3: Listening center, I used to have ALL my cds on my computer, until I got a new computer. So my goal is to reload them AGAIN!
Make sure you go check out Kathleen’s post and all the other Techno Minded teachers!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blog Brag

I am linking up with Christiana Bainbridge to do a post about 2012’s Blog Best and Brightest.
I would have to say the best thing I have done this year is start a blog. I have been selling on TpT for almost a year, but I started really into this blogging world during the OK Kinder Conference. This is the link to see me and Jack Hartmann!
I really focused this year on Sight Words, I found that was one of my weaknesses. So it doesn’t surprise me that two of my favorite purchased items are both about sight words.
One of my favorite purchased items would be from my new friend Kinder-CRAZE
and then the one item I have purchased which have saved my LIFE is from Differentiated Kindergarten.
Then my favorite blogging friends:
banner_125x125_freshtweetMM-buttoncopybutton blog diffkindth_4884567b
I just love these ladies! They have some AMAZING ideas.
I just found that “Pretty Woman” is on. It is my favorite movie of all time, so I have a movie to watch :) So I will talk to you guys later!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to my Bloggy Friends!!!
I participated in the Holly Bloggy Christmas this year! I had SO much fun. I was paired with two of the cutest funniest bloggers around!
The theme this year was “A few of my favorite things”. My partner that I sent to was Michelle from 3am Teacher!
I had so much fun with her as my partner! This was what I sent her.
First off those who know me in real life, know I LOVE romance novels! I can read about two in a day! I also love CHOCOLATE! But what teacher woman doesn’t, right?
I also am a little obsessive about towels in my house. They HAVE to match the holiday, in fact my penguins and snowmen have already gone up. The penguin hand towel, is a double favorite thing, because I love penguins too!
Then I also found the cutest little bee to hold hanitizer. It is a magnet people! The last two years my classroom has been in owls and bees, so a perfect combination here. Then it was all placed nicely in a cup. Have you used one of these cups? If not run, don’t walk, to your nearest Walmart and get one RIGHT NOW! My kids know that I don’t go anywhere with out it!
Go check out Michelles blog. She has some amazering clipart.
I got my package from Krissy Hutten from Ms. Hutton’s Buttens.

I stalked my front porch for days, and the day I forgot, Hubby came home for dinner and said “What’s this” *squeal*
She wrote me a little love note, explaining all her gifts.
Kit-Kats, Hubby ate them already :( They are his faves too. A cute stamppy. I love love me some stamps.
Some lotion and Gumby and Pokey. My fave show when I was little was Gumby.
Then she sent me some CandyLand lipgloss, and my new friend Morty the Snowman. Isn’t he presh!

I just love Krissy! She has a fun little blog. Go check her out!
Well I am off to watch the hubster play Call of Duty! I PROMISE I will be back some time soon!