Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Centers

I am early for once! I don’t know what I will do with myself tomorrow, I won’t be cutting and laminating and getting ready for the week!
We are still getting into Math Tubs and Literacy Stations, so we have 2 Math and 2 ELA centers in our rotation. Let’s start with math.

This center, we are matching number words to their numeral. When they have a match the will write the number word in the boxes on their response sheet.
The next one is a freebie in my TpT store. You match the acorn top to bottom. Then the kids record the number on the ten frame on the response sheet.

Then our ELA centers. Our first one the students match the beginning sound to a letter. This uses the letters A-J.
Then our second ELA center is finding what comes next in ABC order.

Then we have a Can/Have/Are anchor charts about Scarecrows. (Please ignore the  pieces of my centers)
Then There is one of two Graphs about Candy Corn:

And we have a BANG! game, on numbers. It includes ten frames, numerals and number words.

If you would like these activities, check out my unit on TpT! Or it is included in this great bundle at Educents!

Now I can relax and watch my Cowboys play some football!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Apple Days are over

Am I the only one who has to come home on Friday and take a nap?! Boy Fridays are tough!Today is my favorite day of the year. Instead of our building smelling like stinky kids it smells like yummy apple sauce!! And of course I didn’t get a picture….BUT I did get a picture of our graph that we made today!
We start on Monday, weight a regular apple, a peeled apple and a sliced apple. We weight them everyday and record the data.
My poor teaching partner, She threw the apples away. I was across the room and screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” She panicked! I said “I HAVE to take pictures for my blog!!!” I think I almost gave her a heart attack. If you are reading this “Love you Work Mom!!”
This is the chart that we do together. She has been using this for 18 years! I am going to have to whip up a cute one with clipart and font, for when she retires and I don’t have one.
I told you yesterday I didn’t get a picture of our cute thumbprint graph. I ran to school and snapped a pic.
See where my name is and the big white squares are. They stamped their choice and I wrote their name. Surprisingly the kids liked the Granny Smith almost as much!
Before I sign off, I will leave you with a funny.
You know you teach Kindergarten, when you pull the most random things out of your washing machine…like snakes and bugs.
Well I have to go cook dinner for Officer Hofficer. I hope you have an enjoyable Friday evening.
Go Pokes! Beat Texas!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I am so sorry for this late/random post. I forgot to post before my Thursday shows started. No one told me that Glee was going to be a jawdropper, and Grey’s Anatomy was going to make me cry the WHOLE time.

Anyway, on to today. I would totally share pictures, but I am in all of them, and I looked/feel like poopie! We tried apples and graphed them with thumb prints, and we used counters and ten frames to work on numbers 0-5.

Tomorrow we are making applesauce! My favorite DAY of the year! Will be posting tomorrow!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Have a great day!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

As Promised

I signed off on Sunday promising that I would come back on Monday and post about my Apple Anchor Charts! Well I am just a day late! Yesterday was Hubby’s day off so I took him to Birthday Dinner (even  if it is a week late). Because I am such a good wife, I was rewarded with these!
Aren’t they PRESH! I have been wanting them for like EVER!
Anywho, back to school stuff
I have realized I might have a problem with Anchor Charts.
This one is a KWL Chart about apples. As you can see, we already have decided what we Know and what we Want to know.
This is included in my All About Apples Unit. The next one I am working on some labels to help ya out!
This is my BEAUTIFUL Chart of the seasons of an Apple Tree. We read the Apple Book by Gail Gibbons(for the life of me I can’t remember the name).
I have a super cute art activity to go with it. I will post about it later!
I bought a couple of things at Walmart that I wanted to share.
These little guys we use while we are reading. Found them in the Halloween department. I also found some stretchy snakes to help with sounding out words.
I also found these for $1.50 on clearance! This is what I put on my Behavior Chart clippies when my kids get to pin. {If you have no clue what I am talking about, go check out this post}
Well Hubby is grilling, so I am off to hang out with him. Tomorrow is Hump Day! Yay!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apples Apples Apples

Alright Friends. This week is my FAVORITE week of the year! I thought I would show you some of the activities we are doing this week. 

My kids are really big into card games this year. So I made these two card games. There is “I have Who Has” with ABCs for my kids who are still working on their Alphabet.


Then I also made a Crunch! game with sight words for my higher kids.


We are still getting into out centers. So I have Two Math, Two ELA, Overhead Center, Library, Writing, Puzzles, Write the Room, Pocket Chart, Journaling and iPad centers.

Our two Math Centers are still focusing on K.CC.3  K.CC.4 and K.CC.5

Our first one is called “Apple Seed Counter”. The students count the seeds and record them on the response sheet.


The second math game is “Apples Apples Apples”. The students match the number to the ten frame and record it on the frame on the response sheet.


Our ELA centers, the first is called “Apple Pie Letters” The students match the upper case to the lower case. Then record on response sheet.


The second is “Bushels of Sounds” The students have to identify the beginning sounds and record on response sheet.


All of these ELA and Math centers can be found in my All About Apples Unit {Centers and Activities}.

Our write the room center, we are looking for words that have the letter “A”.  We use these cuties. The kids use the “Magnifying Glass” to look and then list on the response sheet. This is in my Write the Room Bundle.


Another one of our centers is Journal. We use Maggie’s Journal Prompts. I read them every morning and they independently respond to them in their journals.

Math Journal Cover lg

Before I go, I need to tell you about a store of one of my friends! Greg over at Kindergarten Smorgasbord is getting married in 12 days (Right Greg?!) Go help him out, he has some flowers to buy Smile


(Click to go to his Store)

I will be back tomorrow with a couple of my Anchor Charts!

Have a Good Monday!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lazy Saturday

What a great Saturday! I got up super early (for a Saturday) and went to the Pelican Festival with my Mom and Grandma. This is a yearly tradition that we have done since I was a little girl! I always enjoy all the shopping we do Smile

I thought I would share with you some of the things we have done this week.


We have been focusing on the number 5. I made a big poster of the poem “Five Little Ducks”, which has velcro ducks and numbers. We have read that poem probably 50 times this week.

As we read the poem, we added the green squares for the ducks that came back, and the orange for the ducks that stayed on the other side of the hill.

Then we talked about all the different ways to show five.


They had SO much fun thinking off all the different ways.

Both of these were Pinterest inspired {Here} and {Here}

I also finished my New unit.


Math and ELA Centers

Acorns Away Ten Frame Center

Leafy Number Words

Pumpkin Pie Beginning Sounds

Bale of Hay, Bale of Hay Letter Order

Activities and Games

Number Word, Numerals and Ten Frame BANG! Game

KWL Anchor Chart

Can/Have/Are Anchor Chart

Have a good Sunday tomorrow! I hope to be back with what I have planned for my favorite week of the year!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Check Out this giveaway!

Oh my goodness, You need to HURRY HURRY HURRY and check out this giveaway! She is giving away 4 thirtyone thermal totes! I don’t know about you buy I LOVE me some thirtyone!

Slide1 (2)



Also Heather is having an AWESOME giveaway, $50 Target, $25 Lakeshore and $24 TpT gift cards! Wow-O-Wow!


Bloggy Blessings give away

I will be back tomorrow with some pictures and what we did this week! Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Yay!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Behavior Chart

behaviour chart


I am sure you have seen these cuties floating around the internet this summer. This is my take on it.

My kids start out on green. We are “Ready to Learn”. When I catch them doing something good they get to move up and when they are not making wise choices they have to clip down.

We all strive to be on pink. That is when the good stuff happens.


I have these awesome rhinestone stickers. When they are on pink they get to pick one to put on their clip.

Above the chart, there is a ribbon that says:


When they have five “diamonds” they get to “retire” their clip. They will get a  new clip that is spray painted.

I really am okay with my kids being on yellow or “Slow Down”. Honestly sometimes they just have that physical reminder of clipping down to get their rear in gear.

When they are on orange, they have to miss a bit of recess or centers. And when they are on red, they have to call parents and talk to our principal. 

I hope this helps someone out! Have a good week. It is Hump Day!! Happy Wednesday!

(If you are looking towards a behavior chart like this, I have mine marked down for the rest of the week!

Make sure you go check out Debbie’s blog post! It has tons more Behavior Ideas!

IMG_2396-9 (1)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apple Fun

I just wanted to post real quick, I finished my apple unit today. There are 4 centers and 5 activities.

apples math unit

There are two math centers: Matching Ten Frames and Numbers, and then there is Counting Apple Seeds.

There are also two ELA centers. Matching Upper and Lowercase letters, and beginning sounds.

apples math unit1

There are two Anchor Charts that you can do with your kids, a KWL chart and a Apple Color Graph.

There is also a Number Magnetic set. Students either spell out the number word or match the number with magnets.

There is also an “I Have. Who Has” ABC game and “Crunch” Apple sight word game.

My kids love this, I am sure your kids will too!

I have been gone since Wednesday. Can’t wait to see their little faces Smile

Have a great week!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It is Fall

I don’t know about you, but here in Oklahoma, it sure is starting to feel like fall! This morning, Hubs and I laid in bed, watching OSU play football, it was cloudy, and I had vanilla in my Rainmate…. Sure great start to the day! It really helped that my Pokes laid a WHOOPIN on UL-Lafayette!

Anyway, Fall is my FAVORITE season.  So while I am ALMOST done with my apple unit, I couldn’t help myself and got started on a fall unit.

Here is a little preview of one of the games! Matching the number to a ten frame with a response sheet.

acorns center

I am off to finish my two units, hopefully I can post them tonight!

Have a good Saturday!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Kindergarten Common Core

Our district has adopted the Common Core for Kindergarten and First Grade this year. I know that it scares the tar out of some teachers. So today when I found this website, I did a little jump for joy. (Or I did in my head, today was day 3 of being sick)


Kindergarten Common Core Workbook

I can NOT wait to download this beauty! It is over 600 pages. That is well worth the price of $39.99 (If you are a blogger, you can get it for FREE) I love that the standards are on the bottom of the page, and there are super cute graphics!

I will be using this to assess my kids on these new standards.

So make sure you click the picture above and go check it out!

Hope you have a great weekend!

I hope I am feeling better in the morning so I can watch my Cowboys play some better football!



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sight Words

So I have been thinking really hard this summer on how I am going to better my sight word instruction.

In August, I went to one of my go-to gals for sight word help. I had purchased these last year, and my kids loved them!

Slide1 (1)[4]

(Click picture to go to store)

I saw that she had recently added two new units, I threw them in my cart knowing they would be an awesome resource!

Screen Shot 2012-09-02 at 11.04.48 PM[4]Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 6.46.51 AM[4]

(Once again click image for link)

With all the hubbub of back to school I had forgotten about these jewels. I also wasn’t sure WHAT I was going to do with them.

So on Monday, I printed them off for “two” I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. Then it hit me.

I had each kid stand in front of me, spell the word (This way if they couldn’t spell I could whisper) When they spelled it correctly, I gave them their “Sight Word Buck”, and they sat back down.

Money collage 2[5]

Then they stood back up again and spelled it again. and gave me their buck back in exchange for their watch. They sat back until everyone spelled “two”. When all was done. They went to their desk and colored their watch.

Sight Word Watches[4]

Then BACK to the carpet they came. Where they, yes you guessed it, had to spell their sight word, to earn their buck back.

That is a simple way that you can work on sight words. Tomorrow my kids are going to do the number four.

I can’t wait! I just purchased her “Sight Word Graphing”. So excited to try them out too. She has the best Sight Word stuff.

Make sure you go check out Annie’s blog, tell her Kaci sent ya! You won’t be sorry, I promise! (These are totally my opinions, I didn't receive anything for my review of her awesome activities)